Referees at our Home games (U13+) this week

If you know you will be missing a Referee at a future Home match, send details to our Referee Coordinator

Become a Club Referee for U13+ matches

If FQ does not appoint 3 Referees to U13+ matches we aim to appoint Club Referees.

If you are 13 or older consider qualifying as a Club Referee.
Instruction sessions are usually held January-April each year.

To become a Club Referee Register your interest here.

Adults are also very welcome to apply.
We especially would like to recruit more female Club Referees.

Recent Law changes

Since 2013 IFAB has made hundreds of changes to the Laws of the Game.
Our Referee Coordinator maintains a Summary of key Law changes at this link.

A question of Law

If you have a question about the Laws of the Game or the way they may have been applied – or not applied – in a match, our Referee Coordinator will try and get you an answer. Email your question to