Youth Coaches Gameday Guidelines

Youth coaches should avoid the following behaviours:
  • Avoid shouting instructions to your players (let them play, while you observe)
  • Avoid criticizing your players on the field
  • Avoid abusing opposing players and staff
  • Avoid complaining about decisions and/or berating Match Officials
  • Avoid reacting to every incident on the field, whether positive or negative
  • Avoid knee-jerk substitutions

Youth coaches should aim to demonstrate the following behaviours:
  • Appear calm and composed
  • Observe what is actually happening in the game, and record your observations
  • Focus on individual performances and progress
  • Give praise to good football, whether by your team or by the opposition
  • Show respect and appreciation to Match Officials, and insist on the same from your players
  • When a refereeing decision goes against you, ‘focus on what you can control’, ‘leave the past behind’ and teach players to do the same (eg, prepare for the resulting set play)
  • Show patience and persistence; if a player is having difficulty, help him to deal with the situation, rather than substituting him immediately.